Cocksure - TKO Mindfuck   12” single  45rpm  white

2014 Wax Trax! Records


I can’t remember the things I’ve done.

It’s all a mindfuck!

The legacy of the Revolting Cocks lives on in Cocksure, the union of former Cock Chris Connelly and DJ? Acucrack/Acumen Nation’s Jason Novak. Richard 23 also does guest vocals on the title track TKO MIndfuck. This is a fantastic return for Wax Trax! Records as well. They’ll be playing with Front 242 this fall for a few dates, including Cold Waves III

Skinny Puppy - Tormentor   12” single  33rpm  blue transparent

1990 - Capitol Records


Walls trapped within yellow eyes the cutters
drooling face rips apart cuts to the heart
disease shown let it out movement crosses
crimson light washes darkened corners
gently forces open wide and lingering awhile
pouring thoughts electric fingers blinding pressure

I prefer this version of Tormentor to the album version.

Yello - Desire      12” single    45rpm

1985 - Elektra


Severed Heads - Big Car Remix   12” single  33rpm

1990 - Nettwerk


Here are words I may not read
Big Car can be seen
Shine headlights on me
Here are paths I may not tread
Big Car can be seen
Shine headlights on me

Such a laid-back swirling dance gem. Totally chill and yet… <starts dancing around>

Front 242 - Endless Riddance     12” EP  45rpm 

1983 - Himalaya, Belgium


One of my favorite 242 releases. This happens to be the non-Wax Trax! release. Take One is some of their best work. The live version played at the Wax Trax! Retrospectacle in 2011 was a highlight of the whole festival. Looking forward to seeing them again at Cold Waves III.

The Creatures - Standing There   12” single   45rpm

1989 - Wonderland / Polydor


See them standing
See them staring
See them wearing that same creepy face

The Tourists - Reality Effect   LP 33rpm

1980 - Epic


I just recently got this and heard it for the first time a couple of months ago. I was surprised by how much more “rock” sounding it was than Eurythmics, in a good way.

Clan of Xymox - Medusa      LP    33rpm

1986 - 4AD


Mesmerize me, enchant me
Mesmerize with your eyes, now

Enchant me, hypnotize me
Enchant me, mesmerize me
Enchant me, hypnotize me

The March Violets - Snake Dance    12” single  45rpm

1983 - Rebirth


Play my song the serpent whispered
Golden skin and eyes of flame
Painted heart and painted nails
She ran her fingers down the scales

The jacket is snake skin textured!

The Legendary Pink Dots - Any Day Now   LP  33rpm

1987 - Play It Again Sam Records USA


No trance, no substance, no conscience for sure
as the Pope licks a jackboot and lays down the law.